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Mike Oostryck

Mike Oostryck​

Senior Physiotherapist, DirectorBSc. (Physiotherapy) ⁣APAM

Mike is co-owner, Senior Physiotherapist and Practice Principal at Aubin Grove Physiotherapy. He is a founding Director at Harrisdale Physiotherapy. ⁣

Mike graduated from Curtin University in 2001 and has over 20 years of experience in private practice.⁣

He was the Head Physiotherapist for the Australian Women’s Softball Team for several years and has attended two World Championships in Canada and the Netherlands where they won Bronze medals. From his work with this team, he is highly experienced in the treatment of shoulder injuries. ⁣

Mike is an ex-elite volleyball player and is also a keen long-distance runner and triathlete and has a special interest in treating running injuries.⁣

Mike has travelled extensively with sporting teams both domestically and internationally and also spent 2 years working as a Physiotherapist in the UK.

Adam Beavis

Adam Beavis

Senior Physiotherapist, Director BSc. (Physiotherapy) ⁣Grad Cert (SBGM) APAM

Adam graduated from Curtin University in 2004 and has over 17 years of experience in private practice.

Adam is a founding director and current practising senior physiotherapist at Kwinana Physiotherapy, Aubin Grove Physiotherapy and Harrisdale Physiotherapy. 

Adam has extensive experience in treating all manner of musculoskeletal injuries, but has special interests in treating spinal, sporting and shoulder injuries. Adam also has considerable experience in exercise rehabilitation, as well as the assessment and treatment of workplace injuries.⁣

Adam has lectured for Sports Medicine Australia on several occasions and runs the graduate clinical education program for Accelerate Health physiotherapists (a network of over 15 practices around Perth).⁣

In his spare time, Adam enjoys surfing and basketball.

Jonathan Ellis

Jonathan Ellis

APA Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist⁣ BSc. (Physiotherapy) ⁣ M. Clin. Physio (Sports)⁣APAM

Jonathan has been working as a physiotherapist in private practice since graduating from Curtin University in 2013.⁣

Jonathan has recently completed his Masters in Sports Physiotherapy and is highly equipped in managing sport related injuries. ⁣

He uses strength and conditioning as part of his rehabilitation with all athletes.⁣

Jonathan is a founding Director at Harrisdale Physiotherapy.

Outside of work Jonathan plays field hockey at Fremantle Cockburn Hockey Club, runs, swims and goes to the gym.

Erin Diamond

Erin Diamond

APA Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist BSc. (Physiotherapy) ⁣ M. Clin. Physio (Sports)⁣ M. Ex. Sc. (Strength and Conditioning) APAM

Erin has a wealth of experience treating sporting and exercise related injuries, with a strong interest in rehabilitation and strengthening.

She has recently completed her Masters Degree in Sports Physiotherapy to further enhance her already well-rounded skills in this area. She has a Masters Degree in Exercise Science (Strength and Conditioning) and is also DMA Clinical Pilates trained.

Erin has previously worked at the Perth Heat and East Perth Football Club as a team Physiotherapist.

Erin is a founding Director at Harrisdale Physiotherapy.


Rebecca Yip

Senior Physiotherapist BSc. (Physiotherapy) ⁣APAM

Rebecca completed her physiotherapy degree in the UK and has worked internationally and in several states in Australia.

Beck works with the West Coast Eagles AFLW and AFL teams and travelled to the Tokyo Olympics with the Australian Softball Team.

Beck has a keen interest in sporting injuries of all kinds. She is an avid swimmer, and has completed Solo Rottnest Channel Swims and the notoriously difficult ‘Port to Pub’. ⁣


Kiara Bishop

Physiotherapist BSc. (Physiotherapy) ⁣APAM

Kiara enjoys treating sporting injuries and lower back pain, and has a strong focus on exercise prescription in the treatment and management of chronic pain.

Kiara also enjoys pilates-based strengthening and rehabilitation.

Rachel Yovich

Physiotherapist BSc. (Physiotherapy) ⁣APAM

Rachel completed her Physiotherapy degree at Curtin University and enjoys treating running and other sporting injuries. Rachel also has an interest in hip injuries and post-operative rehabilitation.

Outside of work Rachel enjoys going to the gym, and is a competitve equestrian show-jumper.

Marcus Wong Aubin Grove Physiotherapy

Marcus Wong

BSc (Physiotherapy) APAM

Marcus completed his Bachelor of Physiotherapy degree at Curtin University.

He has experience working with a wide variety of sporting teams across Perth including Australian rules football, rugby union, netball, soccer and basketball.

Marcus has worked with the Brentwood and Willetton Football Clubs and particularly enjoys treating knee and ankle injuries.

In his spare time Marcus enjoys playing basketball and hitting the gym.


Evan Perera Aubin Grove Physiotherapy

Evan Perera

BSc (Physiotherapy) APAM
Evan completed his Bachelor of Physiotherapy degree at Curtin University. Evan has extensive experience working with sporting injuries, including three years with the Winnacott Amateur Football Club. In his spare time Evan enjoys running, the gym and Brazilian Ju Jitsu.

Tara Soh

Physiotherapist BSc. (Physiotherapy) ⁣APAM

Tara has completed post-graduate training in Women’s Health and continence physiotherapy. She is experienced in treating pregnancy-related pain, incontinence and pelvic floor issues. She is also trained in using Real Time Ultrasound for pelvic floor muscle retraining.

Tara has also completed additional courses in dry needling and the treatment of tendinopathies.

Sonja Board. Diploma of Remedial Massage Remedial Massage Therapist

Sonja Board

Diploma of Remedial Massage Remedial Massage Therapist

Sonja is an experienced massage therapist who uses a variety of treatment techniques including:

  • Deep Tissue
  • Trigger Point
  • PNF ( a type of stretching); and
  • Myofascial Release Techniques.

Sonja works on a Tuesday morning, Thursday afternoon and every second Saturday.

Dani Wilks

Dani Wilks

Practice Manager
Dani has a wealth of experience with previous roles in busy podiatry and physiotherapy practices. Dani can help with any queries you may have about our clinic or the services we provide.

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